How to Find A Boyfriend Through Dating Sites

Dating sites are about the only way that a busy woman can meet someone. It’s worth noting that I found my perfect man on a dating site.


  1. The picture is almost always dated.
  2. They probably had someone else write it for them and they’re going to say what they think you want to hear. Accept this and know that you will be smart enough to tell if he can think for himself once you meet him!
  3. If the site does not have a short answer or essay portion skip it!  Unless finding a man who can communicate in complete sentences is unimportant to you.
  4. Find a niche- and are meat markets!
  5. And have some expectations! I know this may sound like the “stuff of dreams” but is that not what we are going for here? Do you like flowers? Have the hope that he brings you one. Do you like a man who opens the door for you? Pulls the chair out for you? Don’t settle! If he doesn’t treat you like the lady you are on the first date, he never will!


  1. Never go out to dinner without meeting for coffee first
  2. Never meet him without a wingman (someone who you can tell where you are, who you’re meeting and prearrange a text in 20 minutes in case you need to escape – Don’t meet any new man without letting somebody know where you are and who you’re meeting!)
  3. Never give him your home address for the first date!

I’m not trying to scare anybody, just be safe!


Here are some dating sites. I met my guy on OurTime because I wanted someone mature who already knew to put the seat down. lol!

Here’s a helpful link:


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