You Get A Boyfriend by Being Yourself!

if you REALLY want an important tip on How To Get A Boyfriend then read this:

  1. Is he making eye contact with you?  I cannot tell you how foreign this concept was to me in my history of dating. In our passive-aggressive social media world of communication, people have forgotten the importance of this seemingly minor aspect of personal interaction. This was THE moment I knew my husband was different than every man I had ever known: he looked me in the eye when I talked to him. He was genuinely interested in what I had to say. Trust me, eye contact is crucial! I am an English teacher. I teach Speech and Debate. If you do not have the confidence and the respect to look another person in the eye, then you do not have respect for what they are saying.
  2. From day one, be yourself. Do not go out to dinner and order a stupid salad if you like a nice big steak! Do not worry about being politically correct if you’re naturally politically incorrect. BE YOURSELF! Offer your opinion on things. The right man will always respect your opinion and ask you to respect his. If he’s a vegan and you’re a steak girl it’s probably doomed from the outset. (My husband actually asked me if I eat meat when he asked me out ( I do) then he took me to a steakhouse. lol!
  3. I know this may sound arrogant to some…and rather picky…but be aware of those “quirks” that annoy you. Those “well, he does (fill in the blank) but it’s no big deal; I can get used to that”. No you can’t! Because one day, those little quirks will become a source of discontent and will lead to further problems. I swear to you, on my grandmother’s bible: my husband has absolutely zero personality quirks. And trust me, I looked. There is nothing about him that annoys me. And, let’s be honest, just leaving that stupid seat up can drive us ladies crazy!

Here’s a great TED talk on why you should never think bad things about yourself


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