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I’m Debbie. I’m a forty-something schoolteacher in South Florida, I have one small dog (a maltese /shih tzu mix: he doesn’t shed) and one amazing husband! I’m the founder and creator of How to Get a Boyfriend. I’ve lived in South Florida most of my life though I worked in San Diego, Ca for several years. I have two daughters and two amazing StepKids (One boy and one girl). I love cooking, reading, eating and my life with my husband.

The reason I created this site is that I spent the first part of my life dating and marrying complete jerks. Seriously, complete jerks; one was actually a psychopath. Could I really make that up? When I found out what I was doing wrong I stopped meeting jerks and finally met the man of my dreams. Literally. My husband today is the actual man that I’ve been dreaming of since I was 12 or 13 years old. He treats me like a princess. He respects me, he’s honest with me, he has every attribute I’ve always wanted in a man and maybe most importantly, he’s humble. He’s incredibly handsome (I still think he’s out of my league) and thinks I’m beautiful (which I’m still struggling to believe.) We love doing exactly the same things and mostly enjoy just hanging out together. What’s it like being with a man like that? I honestly love him more each day, and every day he tells me he falls in love with me all over again. That I believe. By the way, it’s also the best lovemaking of my life and he’s the best friend I ever had. I never really thought that would happen – Read my blog and learn how to get a boyfriend!

I wanted to “pass this on” to women who, like me, thought they would never meet the man of their dreams. That’s why I started howtogetaboyfriend.org. Let me assure you – You can and you will if you just follow the instructions and the information I’m trying to pass on. It’s worked with everyone I’ve ever shared it with. if you’re honest and just want to make someone else happy and finally be appreciated for the person you are without changes in your habits, clothing, or in the things you most enjoy please read on.


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How to Get A Boyfriend

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