How I Got My Boyfriend and Husband

Hi Debbie here-

I started this site to help other women find the man of their dreams like I did.

I guarantee you will find a boyfriend from the information available on this site!

Not just anyone, not the guy at the gas station who whistles at every girl that goes by while he’s pulling up his pants. Not the guy who looks at every girl that walks by when the two of you go out to eat, and certainly not the guy who spends his nights downloading porn after you go to bed.

After dating (and marrying) losers, assholes, and (no kidding) psychopaths, I finally got the man of my dreams. His name is Tad and he thinks that he doesn’t deserve me. That’s amazing because I feel exactly the same way but about him. Finding him has literally changed my life for the better in every way. I’m happier than I ever thought I could be. Check out my about me page for more. One of the ways I prepared myself for meeting him was by making sure I was not only the kind of woman he wanted, but also to be the kind of woman I wanted to be!. This is one thing that really helped. I found out how to be the woman that men just go crazy over!

I guarantee you can find the man of your dreams!

Don’t believe me? Keep reading! After you’re done feel free to send me an email and tell me I’m a jerk and a liar. Here’s my email.

Let me warn you! I’m going to be honest about everything so if you’re looking for just glowing information go somewhere else. I had to be brutally honest with myself to find the man I always wanted. I never thought I was the sexiest or most beautiful girl in the world. I’m tall and for some reason I thought that was unfeminine but I knew deep down I was a really good person who deserved to be happy and wanted to make someone else happy too. Sounds corny right? Real love kinda feels that way. lol! Oh, and I’m not going to tell you to change the way you dress, the places you should like to go, or the politics you should follow. I’m not going to tell you to loose weight. I’m going to tell you to be yourself.

One more thing – If you’re a real bitch, if you’re a mean-spirited girl that likes to get guys just so you can cheat on them or you like to steal other women’s guys just for the thrill of it: get off my site! You don’t deserve the kind of guy I’m going to show you how to get, and frankly those guys deserve better!

Part of getting the right guy is making sure that you’re exactly the kind of girl that a guy wants. Now I’m kind of a bookworm and I’m not very hip. I wanted to make sure that I was going to be as good for him as I could be. I had to better understand what my part in a relationship could be. Self-help products are a big help; I knew I wasn’t going to get it done without some outside help.  This one was, I thought the best one out there for a woman that’s looking for a boyfriend. I found out several things that were, for some reason, real turn-offs for guys, and a couple things I was doing wrong that just blew my mind.

By the way, remember that line from “Sleepless in Seattle”: “A woman over 35 is more likely to be killed by a terrorist than find a boyfriend?” It was a joke and a lie, but I was actually starting to believe it. Trust me: you can find a great boyfriend regardless of your age or the number or quality of men who came before Mr. Right.

Finding the PERFECT boyfriend is not just about being honest with yourself about the kind of guy you would most like to be with, it’s also about accepting that choice; being ok and happy with it. Do you know women who just have to have the most handsome guy around? Why? Is physical beauty the most important thing? I’m not a fan of “pretty boys” but If that’s the most important thing to him is he going to be really interested in you? Guys like that tend to have the attention span of a housefly and are faithful for just a few minutes more than that. Is that what you want? If it is then by all means go for it, but I found that my ideal man, my boyfriend, was about the most handsome man I’ve ever seen. When you’re honest with yourself about the things you want most, everything about that man becomes sexy!

It’s really about the way he treats you. I never thought I wanted to be treated like a princess, put on a pedestal. I just wanted to be appreciated for the person I am. Well let me tell you something: If you’ve never been treated like the most important person in the world the right boyfriend for you will change your mind in a big hurry. It makes me feel feminine and special. I love it!

The best bet is to make sure you’re always yourself, and make sure that when you isolate that guy, that perfect man you’re ready for him.

Remember, genetically speaking men are handicapped by having only a single “X” chromosome; women have two and are therefore genetically superior. lol!

Here’s the program that most helped me find the man I’d always dreamed of:

The Women That Men Adore and Never Want to Leave


Here’s another great one if you’re interested. Really good:


Keep coming back!

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Women Need Chocolate!


It’s a fact and finally someone has written a book about it! Debra Waterhouse has written a book entitled “Why women need chocolate” where she’s explains the reason. She discusses the concept of indulgence without overindulgence. A great idea if you can make it work (I’m still working on it lol!)

Here’s the link on Amazon:

Seriously Men crave burgers (or sandwiches in general) but most women crave chocolate or sweets.

Here’s a the Psychology Today  article on it:


Finally scientists at Cambridge have done a study. It’s all true!

Here’s the link for the article on UPVEE:

Women Need Chocolate! It’s A Scientific Fact!

The BEST part is that the ideal man will never try to stand between you and the things you love!



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How to Find A Boyfriend Through Dating Sites

Dating sites are about the only way that a busy woman can meet someone. It’s worth noting that I found my perfect man on a dating site.


  1. The picture is almost always dated.
  2. They probably had someone else write it for them and they’re going to say what they think you want to hear. Accept this and know that you will be smart enough to tell if he can think for himself once you meet him!
  3. If the site does not have a short answer or essay portion skip it!  Unless finding a man who can communicate in complete sentences is unimportant to you.
  4. Find a niche- and are meat markets!
  5. And have some expectations! I know this may sound like the “stuff of dreams” but is that not what we are going for here? Do you like flowers? Have the hope that he brings you one. Do you like a man who opens the door for you? Pulls the chair out for you? Don’t settle! If he doesn’t treat you like the lady you are on the first date, he never will!


  1. Never go out to dinner without meeting for coffee first
  2. Never meet him without a wingman (someone who you can tell where you are, who you’re meeting and prearrange a text in 20 minutes in case you need to escape – Don’t meet any new man without letting somebody know where you are and who you’re meeting!)
  3. Never give him your home address for the first date!

I’m not trying to scare anybody, just be safe!


Here are some dating sites. I met my guy on OurTime because I wanted someone mature who already knew to put the seat down. lol!

Here’s a helpful link:


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You Get A Boyfriend by Being Yourself!

if you REALLY want an important tip on How To Get A Boyfriend then read this:

  1. Is he making eye contact with you?  I cannot tell you how foreign this concept was to me in my history of dating. In our passive-aggressive social media world of communication, people have forgotten the importance of this seemingly minor aspect of personal interaction. This was THE moment I knew my husband was different than every man I had ever known: he looked me in the eye when I talked to him. He was genuinely interested in what I had to say. Trust me, eye contact is crucial! I am an English teacher. I teach Speech and Debate. If you do not have the confidence and the respect to look another person in the eye, then you do not have respect for what they are saying.
  2. From day one, be yourself. Do not go out to dinner and order a stupid salad if you like a nice big steak! Do not worry about being politically correct if you’re naturally politically incorrect. BE YOURSELF! Offer your opinion on things. The right man will always respect your opinion and ask you to respect his. If he’s a vegan and you’re a steak girl it’s probably doomed from the outset. (My husband actually asked me if I eat meat when he asked me out ( I do) then he took me to a steakhouse. lol!
  3. I know this may sound arrogant to some…and rather picky…but be aware of those “quirks” that annoy you. Those “well, he does (fill in the blank) but it’s no big deal; I can get used to that”. No you can’t! Because one day, those little quirks will become a source of discontent and will lead to further problems. I swear to you, on my grandmother’s bible: my husband has absolutely zero personality quirks. And trust me, I looked. There is nothing about him that annoys me. And, let’s be honest, just leaving that stupid seat up can drive us ladies crazy!

Here’s a great TED talk on why you should never think bad things about yourself


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